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Can a Corporate Concierge Arrange a Charter Service?

A corporate concierge looks after all the needs of business clientele, very similar to a hotel concierge. They will usually help staff employees, in addition to managers and executives, in getting services for business and personal enjoyment, such as an executive limousine to a charter service, thus enabling them to concentrate solely upon their work, without having to deal with the distractions of everyday life. Numerous big companies employ a corporate concierge on its staff, although most of the people working this position have their own companies, or work self-employed.

Some services that are requested are fairly basic, such as finding theater tickets, concerts, and sporting events, arranging a limousine service, making reservations at restaurants etc. Other common needs include picking up people, dry cleaning, arranging for flowers to be sent, and purchasing gifts. Arranging services like photocopying or computer rental is regularly asked for by clients.

In some cases, more unusual services are asked for. These include a charter service for jets, planes or helicopters, planning hot air balloon trips or even hiring a yacht. Should the money be available and authorized, a good corporate concierge will pride themselves on being able to fill nearly any of their clients’ needs, which is legal and possible.

If they are under a long term contract, a concierge is usually required to arrange the company parties and festivities too. After meeting with personnel to determine what their wishes are, the concierge will hire caterers, pick the menu, arrange entertainment and rent the venue it is to be held in. If gifts are required, they are the ones who buy them and deliver them, all wrapped and appropriately tagged.

Being successful in this position calls for excellent organizational skills. They sometimes work for multiple corporations, so their time management is crucial in order to keep everyone happy. Since numerous requests from clients are basically similar, like a limo service, their attention to detail is important. Sending the right size limo to transport passengers to the airport or a restaurant is of the utmost importance to his clients.

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