The Origins of the Limo Service.

Most people are used to seeing limousines and using their services. They can be seen transporting important people or leading wedding processions. The People's Limo Service is a company that provides limousine transportation to its customers, and we can say that the limo service is something quite common today; however, this was not always so. In this article, we will discuss the origins of the limousine vehicle.

1902 was the year when the first limousine was built. Its design left the driver outside, leaving him under a covered compartment. This design is what gave the vehicle its name. The word limousine is derived from the name Limousin, which is a French region. A typical cloak that was worn by the shepherds there resembled the covered compartment of the vehicle. Another version of the story says the limo driver had to wear a Limousin-style cloak to be protected from the whether.

In 1916, limousines were accepted as closed cars, having three to five seats inside and an outside driver’s seat. A limo that had the driver’s seat enclosed was named a Berline, and a limo with no roof for the driver was called Brougham.

Later, in 1928, the so-called “Stretch limousines were created in Fort Smith, Arkansas. They were often used for the transportation of famous “big band” leaders, as well as their equipment and bands. This is why they were known as “big band buses”.

The modern design of the limousine has changed substantially over the years; however, the main idea behind the vehicle’s purpose is still similar and ever so popular. Turning to a company for a “limo service” is a common thing, associated with luxury and convenient transportation. If you are looking for a reliable limo company in High Point, NC, turn to us! We are well-prepared to offer you a service that will exceed your expectations. Call us at (336) 708-8259 to enjoy the comfort and convenience of these exceptional vehicles!