How Is a Limousine Built?

The process of building a limousine is extremely technical. It takes many hours to turn a standard vehicle into a luxury limo. The process involves adding sections to a vehicle, and sometimes adding a whole new interior. However, with some luck and a lot of technical expertise, a stretch limousine could look like millions of dollars were spent on it.

  • Most people are surprised to learn that the first step of building a limo is to go to a car lot and simply buy a standard automobile. Usually, these need to be high quality; Lincolns and Cadillacs are the most popular options. But, nearly any kind of car can be converted into a limo, and some models sell better than others.
  • Once a car is bought, the major modifications occur straight away. The interior is almost completely gutted, and the vehicle is then cut in half, or at least, cut into two different parts. Steel supports will then be placed to house the extra body which is to be added. The length of these supports will depend upon the length of the stretch limo.
  • Once the steel is done, then it is time to add the floor and body panels, in addition to the roof. This is the part where the limo will begin to look like a real car again, at least from the exterior part. Most extra mechanical work, like the electrical system, and connecting the mechanical components will be done then too.
  • Once this is done, it is time to work on the insides. The seating is normally made for high usage, and it is made to much higher standard than the auto industry will usually use. This is due to the fact the seats are used more than those of a normal vehicle, and it will make the a limousine look bad if it is not in good condition. Furthermore, any luxury touches, like a table or bar, will also be added at this point.